Evangelistic Association for Jesus

1. Foundation of E.A.F.J.

1) 1981
"Evangelistic Association for Jesus(E.A.J.)" had begun in 1981 by urging of Holy Spirit on the present chairman, Lee Yu Bin who had determined to devote himself to the Gospel. The beginning of it's work, he had preached the gospel on the street, door to door with few layman. He had organized "Gideon Production" to mission in Broadcasting Company which he had belonged, and through papers.
2) 1985
In 1985, "Gideon Production" had renamed to "Gideon Evangelistic Association". It renamed to "Evangelistic Association for Jesus" which has the purpose of awaking church, pastors, and christians.

3) 1991
Founder Lee Yu Bin retired from K.B.S on Aug. of 1991 and now he is the president of E.A.F.J. and J.E.A. Press Co.
It has consisted with a chairman and a general manager of an office and 19 devotional evangelists and preachers. There are some overseas branches including U.S.A. branch. And from Nov. of 1993 we have a publishing company (Department) as belonged to E.A.F.J. We have "Evangelistic Bible Institute" since May of 1996.

2. Works and reflections
It is some hard to express about the work of "E.A.F.J" that to explain on account of limited space but it's better introduce it's several one.

1) Pastoral Evangelistic Training(the first step)
Pastoral Evangelistic Training is pastoral renewal movement and church-revival movement through preaching-gospel and repentance, is operated during 4 nights 5 days with deep intensity.
In the forenoon session, attendants hear the testimonies.
In the afternoon session, it is the time for the lecture and practice in evangelism practice.
In the evening session, main lectures about spiritual reality will be given.
This "Training" focus on 3 spiritual recovery.
They recover the relationship with the Lord, life in Christ and the ministries of Him. This work, revival of their spirit which is connected with mission and church-revival directly.
The last fifth day, the already trained-pastors and colleagues, families who come to take them back, hugged together with tears of repentance, these spectacle should make the one who's waiting the true revival feel the actual revival's coming true like a 1907 Revival in PyongYang, Korea.
After their home back, they confess their sins openly, hence the church and family recovered by love of God, and then naturally, they go out to preach the gospel on the streets houses and everywhere. How many broken family has been recovered, it's amazing, hallelujah!

2) Layman's(Duties') Evangelistic Training
The duties should be lessened to preach the gospel as a assistant of his pastors who had
changed and worked the true mission after Training.
Layman's Training has pointed out that spiritual recovery make them evangelist. That schedule is very similar to Pastoral's but the most of testimonies and the lectures focusing on Christian life and for duties. Tears of repentance have overflowing. All sins of their hypocrisy, stubborn-neck, and lust were repented with dropping tear before God during that schedule, as well as the rare-believers become evangelists through meeting their own Lord when they preach the gospel.

3) Training for Youth
One of the serious problems in church is the middle and high-school students not having the conviction of salvation. The special programs as like vacation retreat, praising festival, youth revival meeting, and youth seminars have effected with the momentary impulse, no changing their personality. Because their behaviour inside of the church have differed from the outside.
After last winter-vacation training, sins had confessed we understood that's just reality. Most of them are children of deacons and elders, however they couldn't overcome sins and temptations.
It's never expected that the comforted and excited programs or emotional praising-convention or Camp-fire or other various technical seminars could change their life. The beautiful sound or overflowing of tears never heal their sins although it seemed to forget their sins in a few minutes.
For this reason, our programs provided the intensive and the concentrated training by staying in a camp 3 nights 4 days.
The features of this training are
a) to focus on the repentance, Gospel, preaching-gospel,
b) to be seized with the real repentance because of the testimonies of that age
c) to have only the time for praying, lectures, sleeping, meal as forbid an out of session and a sleeping out side.
d) to cry being cut to the heart because of their watching the changed-life of other students who had sinned alike them and of the Word searching out their sin.

The students who had broken off all the wrong behaviour after their home back with the
repenting-tears couldn't corrupted because they've been preaching the gospel in their class and school-bus. And evangelist union, trained-students, have kept on the prayer-meeting. The wonderful change to their parents produce to change their families. If you read their testimonies and you will have good comprehension.

4) Evangelistic Training for the pastor's Children
Evangelistic Training for the pastor's Children is the training that  treated only the agony and suffering with being the pastor's children during 2 nights 3 days.
We should know that the pastoral children have been attacked by the devil, still satisfying their spiritual affair because everyone said to them "Well, you are a pastoral child...". And we understand how many pastoral children become the backslider more than others. That caused they have witnessed the pastoral corruption near by; or they didn't want to be pest to their friends.
But we could see their repenting-crying for the sin when they stand the solid Gospel; love the others with the gospel of love; recover their daily lives through this training.

5) Etc.
We have had the Kid's Evangelistic Training, Evangelistic Training for Pastor's wife(E.T.P.W) and Summer Evangelistic Travel but now E.T.P.W. is stopped in 1996 and get the meetings with pastor's.

3. It's Influence of Korean Church
The Evangelistic Movement which begun with few evangelists in 1981 has developed as the revival movement of waking up the sleeping church and renewing the pastor and saving the drifting soul.
At present, there has been evangelical acts at all over the Korea with the trained pastors as leader.
In most plentiful case of a district  evangelists gather around and cried, preached the gospel.
Moreover, all of churches has become to be one beyond their denomination(Presbyterian,
Methodist, Purity, Baptist, Pentecostal...) with evangelism, "Evangelical Travel Campaign", "Joint prayer meeting", and "Joint Evangelical Meeting" over each district. Especially, the trained pastors and church members has preached the gospel not on the purpose of filling their church-empties, but on the purpose of Heaven-empties, therefore such a pure mission has strucken freshly the worldly church.
Most of all, the trained pastors and church members has shown the life to the other, the
overcoming sins, cutting off sins, unyielding to the worldliness through their faith that Christian life should be not only in church, but also outside of church in their daily lives.
We understand that by these freshly striking life and ministry has been caused to increase on the participator to our every training. And trained pastors have shown the changed ministry and life of open confession and the ministry of having the Crusade personality and the ministry of wrestling with Lord at their innermost room.
We feel actually that the great revival has come very near because it has occurred that changed the pastor's life and recovered their broken family, changed their church and preached the gospel all over the country. Indeed, we are seeing the actual revival movement that Holy Spirit wakes up the sleeping church to make the satan be scared, and wakes up the sleeping church member to make the sacred one in their daily lives.
This movement has begun as "Evangelistic Movement" now as well as "Revival Movement" with renewing and waking up church.

4. Publishing Department(Co.)
1) Published Books : 18 Kinds
2) Selling Tapes   :  32 Kinds

5. Evangelistic Bible Institute

6. Testimonies from Trainees
1) Pastor #1
In 1992, Rev. H. whose church's located in Seoul had trained and repented in tears and changed and become to preach the gospel. For throwing up his selfishness to fill only his church up, he has drives to the subway station far away and cried the gospel in there, and went around other cities to preach. He has never gave up preaching although his wife and congregation were not in company. At a certain Wednesday, one of our evangelistic managers had gone his church, there's only several man seated. Nevertheless, he has kept to preach the gospel to fill up the Heaven-empties, not for his church-empties, and now, it result in the quantity-revival numbers some 300 adults.

2) Pastor #2
Rev. K. of D. church(Presbyterian) in Ulsan City had been a chairman of the Synod. He has kept to preach the gospel on during about 6 years from knowing about our Association in 1990 up these days. He had naturally having dry-eyes and led his church bearing with pressure of his sins. At that tome, he had participated at Summer Evangelistic Travel, at where he changed, thereafter, had trained Pastoral Training 10 times, Overseas Evangelistic Travel 5 times, Evangelistic Meeting 2 times, Summer Evangelistic Travel 6 times up these days. In a looking for the other pastors, it's very striking scene for such a silver hair to preach the gospel on the street shoulder a megaphone everyday. and What a amazing change he has! Recovering to the wet-eyes, weeping every assembly and every prayer for the lost soul, and already formed tears when he heard the word, "love to Thee", "love to the lost soul". His church has changed to love the lost soul and to preach the gospel, too, as spreading around this report, and has being in a condition to rebuild church for increasing new believers by the preaching of the devotional evangelist in his church. It doesn't happen that 1/3 pastors of all in Ulsan has trained ours, but because of the change of Rev. K.

3) Pastor #3
Rev. E. of M. church(Full Gospel) in Chungju ,as young man, had ever bustled about all kinds of seminar for evangelistic method. He had practiced of almost learned-method, but it ended in failure. At the end, come our Training he had. For preaching on during 2 years after Training in 1994, there have not been anybody registered to his church, neither his church enlarged. But we'd like to point out his changing; he as a true pastor having the heart of Lord, which everyday, every-moment, weeps on the street for a lost soul should be gone to hell, even though there's nobody registered to his church. There's many trained pastors by his introducing, he has led the union for evangelists and revival in Chungju with careful. He has matured about 150 evangelists though the daily-preaching, union-preaching, prayer-meeting for pastor. Besides, he has living of confessing sins everyday, and almost impossible looked the Pastor because of his familiarity casting off authority.

4) Layman #1
Deacon L. of D. church(Union) in Ansan had been a non-christian, as a sever-time loser having crimes of illegal-drugs, adultery, raping and a member of criminal organization. This man has become the evangelist through conviction at preaching the gospel during the Training. It's just 2 years since his faith-life, but it numbers over 30-40 registered in his church for his preaching.
Besides, he has read the Bible about 20 times for a short time, and preached the gospel everyday on bring in its strong work. For example, he had preached a shamanism, she became God's child and out of 10 her house-members attended church. And of the other case, he had preached a boy who worked bad shop, and he let the boy to go back his country, so the boy has attended his country church. The mother of the this boy called up him to appreciate in a tear.

5) Layman #2
Layman B. of S. church(Methodist) in Daegeon had grown up under the complicated condition, having two fathers, two mothers, five half-brothers and married himself twice. It had numbered all of 27 times to run away from home from 14 ages to 23, he had been in sins all the day past. He had been a 10 times loser, a pickpocket, adultery, swindle, raping, violence and so on. Having thought that just money could swept all his pitiful past, he had started a business with earning a plentiful of money but spent all to the alcohol, gambling, at once. After all as his business had failed, he had attempted to commit suicide two times in failure. As having given up his own life, he had participated at our Training in 1996, at the last request of his mother. This brother who didn't known A from B about faith experienced the Holy Spirit as kneeling in pray on the street for preaching the gospel.
And he realized the love of the Cross as kneeling in prat on the street for a lost soul, then he wept for 30 minuets with the tears and nose coursing down. Thereafter, he has become an evangelist whose 37 years-life has changed completely. He has lived of evangelist with repentance, confessing, three-times preaching the gospel a week, being in daybreak prayer-meeting. When we called with the mother of this man, she couldn't keep to talk for chocking with tears; How can we forget it?

6) Youth #1
A certain boy who had sinned; alcohol, cigarette, violence, adultery, sexual-lust, raping and had carried jack-knife by his leg, broke himself as hearing the address at Youth Training ,and then changed and freed from his all sins. He has preached the gospel to his classmates and teachers, and his textbook is filled with evangelical Word, and so "Preacher" is nicknamed by his classmates. And, he used tp weep tp feel the love on the Cross in his study and seeing the announcement of a certain pastor's death in paper he wept to envy of entering to heaven for that pastor ahead. After his home back, he's finished homework and self-study, then, prayed until the next daybreak, while he has a fine record at school. For this reason, his classmates said, "You remind us of Jesus Christ." He has preached the gospel up to date, over 2 years along, and entered Seminary this year. Her mother said, "For our family is the kingdom of heaven because of my boy., while she's worried about that boy, in former times.

7) Student Testmony(written at the last day in high school) #1
"Thanks for God's mercy and love with abundant. Father! Thank you for saving me should die with the precious blood shed on the Cross. Father of God, now I realized what I am and what I do. Sins all I sinned can't do this sheet, but, oh my God, I record a little with heart of repentance. I've lived all worldly life. I've been a pattern of Christian in church that was commonly acknowledged, but I have been a just sinner outside church. Now I confess my sins one by one. My Lord! Most of all, it's "adultery". The letter of "vile" had all connected with me. I had read the "vile" literatures, magazines and watched "vile" video tapes. There had been "vile" things everywhere in my room, and I had made the scrap-book filled the "vile" photo from Sports Paper. I had committed adultery not only with spiritual, bit also with body. As lying to my mother with just meeting a girl, bit in fact, I enjoyed with them with heart of vile. And I could' t account how many I did masturbation, and how many I had watched the "vile" video tapes. Moreover, I had tried hard to hinder that sins. Before a few months, it was the day tele-recording the program about our school by KBS. That time, I'd participated the discussion "Video Culture of Middle-students", I had spoken very well. When the program televised, my mother asked to me., "What a genius boy! For what made you speak so influent?" But I couldn't dare to answer, it's owing to my deep studying with watching the "vile" video tapes. That's shameful to myself, too. In stead of that, I told a lie, "I just read as the note." At second, I was the head of excuse. As my works went to wrong, I had put blame on a key suspect. For that course, I shouldn't help telling a lie and lie bore another more serious lie. That's not enough the explanation what sin itself I was. At third, I had been a stubborn-neck. I was stubborn-neck itself. A proud have I was little child changed to self-confidence with growing up. After all, I've ever against the Lord. Always 2nd grade was of me, so I cursed Heaven; "Why didn't you make me 1st grade?" Now I understand, if the Lord make me the first, I would be more prouder and more faster. At forth, it's disobedience.
For my father's earlier death, my mother have made an effort for us not to be want. However, do far from thanking my mother, I used to reproach even to curse. At that time, I didn't understand how the heart of my mother broke. Perhaps she did. But more over  brake down of my Lord! What a vice boy, I fought with the teacher in church and ran away just before the day of this Training. But, I came back church shamelessly under a Power. I believe that was the will of God to change me. In this way, I came to Training. First evening, I didn't get anything. Until that time, I didn't image of my wonderful change. From the second morning, I've broken myself. Whenever I praise in the hymn, tears overflowing without ceasing on my face. Just thanks about how broke myself like those. The time of testimonies was the great Word to me. When I heard the testimonies of Ko Dae Sung, thirteen years boy which he preached everyday, and he was whipped because not to preach the gospel and not to read the Bible a day, suddenly the Lord said to me, "While Dae Sung, about three years younger than you, id devoted to preach the gospel, do you love me with just one fruit a year?" Oh Lord, forgive me! On third and forth day, my self-confidence kept to break down on.
Especially, the most movable on me was the forth day. The testimonies of brother Kim Samuel and sister Kim Sang Mi attracted to me. And if I insisted on explaining my sins, my owns are like to mixed up the sins of three persons who are brother Kim Samuel and sister Kim Sang Mi and Jung Yu Jin-she testimonies at third day, the most dirty and vice sins was my owns. In a word, I'm the prodigal son being in home. everybody knows the parable of the prodigal son outing from home.
While outing from home the prodigal son is just a headache to his parents, but the prodigal son with abiding together is even to tear the heart of his parents, not to speak of being headache. I was confidence of drinking. I had a free access to a bear hall which was belonged to my uncle, and take myself siting before a liquor jug. Now, this day, I pray like this. 'Lord! Thanks for the Grace of dying in the Cross with shedding Thy blood to love me being worse a worm. To what did you use me, for Thy death? Lord, I repent from all my sins in this place. Forgive me! Please, take pity on me.
Lord, I'm sinner. After a day, I'll go out the world, please help me to preach the gospel with bold. I believe everything's under Thy hand. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.'"

8) Student Testmony(written at the last day in high school) #2
"Father of God, I had sinned too much. I can't dare to have on my lips. Father, forgive me. I have hated my parent's being pastor. While still a little child, I was hypocrite. With growing up, I have sank the depth of sins; stolen purses of deacons, elders, and other church members for my being in want; stolen something in the shop, too. Forgive me! I have made any excuses about my father's job which have ever been a shame for me, and stolen the books of my friends in the school because my parents never bought the expensive books. Therefore, I used to curse in my heart, "What a 'great pastor' you are, still your girl's suffering with hard." But I've smiled in front of my daddy, because he's willing to give me pocket money with my joyful face. I have ruined myself still more harder with entering university. I've stayed in Mission Building, stolen the contribution and dresses of other sister who was a treasurer of our church. Being hard up for money, I've stolen the tilth in treasurer. In a freshman, I have lived a drunken-fast life, and in sophomore, I've met a boy and lived together with taking apart from God. I used to leave for home for a month with lying of my job to my family, but I had abortion during that days. Moreover, I had never attend church and
neither prayed for a meal during that days, And after a month, I came back home, I prayed before my daddy, but just being close my eyes. Father of God, forgive for my being a heart-rendering of you; singing room, video room, billiard hall, game room, all of these worldly space I had swaggered along and that all my joy. moreover, I had led up by the devil. I had smoked. Forgive me, Father. As killing one life, it had been so far from weeping, I could' t have thought in any way. I pretended to obey to my parents but in my heart said, "Am I crazy to do that?", and I never obey the word of my elder sister and brother. Forgive me ,oh, Lord, show me for Thy mercy, and make me free!"